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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Reliable Auto Maintenance for Longer Vehicle Life!

You can reduce major breakdowns and ensure maximum miles if you keep up with your vehicles regular maintenance! Scheduled maintenance allows us to do a point-by-point vehicle inspection to identify any other potential problems with your vehicle. We want to help keep you and your family safe on the roads.

Every Month Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle not only prolongs its life but allows your vehicle to continue to perform superior. Each month, you should keep up with tire inflation and condition, vehicle cleaning, windshield washer fluid, keeping headlights clean, and check engine lights (if they're on).

Every 3 Months or 3,000 Mile Maintenance

There are many vehicle maintenance aspects that should be checked at this time. At Alaska Tire Service, we inspect many elements of your vehicle, including the automatic transmission fluid, lights, windshield washer fluid, battery and cables, engine air filers, fuel filers, power steering fluid, belts, engine oil and filters, hoses, tire inflation and conditions, and many more. Doing so on a scheduled basis can help catch problems before they evolve.

Scheduled Maintenance Solutions in Anchorage

At Alaska Tire Service, we inspect your vehicle to ensure you continue to get the highest performance on the road. Our honest repair technicians will communicate with you the condition of your vehicle. If we see something is working properly, potentially in need of future attention, or in need of immediate attention, we will help find and provide you with the necessary solutions!

Cost per vehicle can vary depending on inspection, so please call one of our locations or schedule online for vehicle-specified service information and pricing. Providing reliable scheduled maintenance to many Anchorage cities, including Kenai, Knik, Lakes, Soldotna, Palmer, Girdwood, Houston AK, and Wasilla, partner up with Alaska Tire Service and keep safe behind the wheel!

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